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Philanthropy is a big part of the F&F vision. We give to a variety of organizations, both internationally and locally.

Visions Global Empowerment
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Visions Global Empowerment

Visions helps fill in gaps in education, promote community development, and develop a more robust civil society around the world. F&F collaborates and gives regularly to their causes.

42,600+ lives improved

200 leadership and teacher trainings conducted worldwide

4,200+ leaders and teachers trained

196 scholarships awarded

3,478 more students with access to after-school programs

over $8.3 million invested in global education programs

5,173 students reached through e-learning programs

273 international volunteer opportunities & counting

Escuela Vera Angelita (Matagalpa, Nicaragua)

Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America. Only 56% of youth who attend school make it past grade 5, and only 17% graduate from secondary school. Escuela Vera Angelita is a residential school for girls in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, set to open in February 2021, that will make high-quality education and extracurricular activities available to girls who would otherwise not have access to them. It makes it possible for girls from disadvantaged backgrounds to get educated, develop skills sets, and succeed.

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Calderon Kids OC (Orange County, California)

Calderon Kids organizes volunteer groups to support individuals, families and communities experiencing difficult times. In addition to other community support initiatives, they host and organize community cleaning groups, community canteens, uplifting socio-cultural activities, medical consultations, nutrition campaigns, psychological health education plans and outreach programs. They also facilitate donations between people, companies and organizations in furtherance of their charitable mission.

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